City of Goodyear – Site 12 Treatment Expansion

NCS serves as the Prime Engineering Firm for this Design-Build project, working with Hunter Contracting. As part of the City’s efforts to meet future water demands, the City of Goodyear is expanding their groundwater and surface water resources. The Site 12 facilities include two new wells to produce 3,000 gpm (Wells 24 and 25), expansion of the RO treatment system, construction of a new treatment building, increasing the booster pump station capacity, construction of a new 2.0 MG storage tank, and other site improvements including enhancements to the site wall and access roads. Other project elements include a break (equalization) tank, three new 1.5 MGD RO skids, disinfection system, site pipelines, chemical feed facilities, site grading, site masonry walls, electrical system improvements, SCADA, PLC programming, and a new arsenic removal system for the RO bypass. Design is complete and NCS is providing permitting, startup, and construction phase services for this landmark project.

City of Avondale – OnCall

Water Quality Master Plan – NCS developed a Master Plan to mitigate drinking water quality issues for nitrate, chromium, TDS, and arsenic. Based on the results of the evaluation, water treatment technologies were selected and a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) was developed. Several processes, depending on the well site, were identified for implementation, these included GAC, ion exchange (IX), RO, and coagulation/filtration technologies along with blending.

Gateway Treatment Facility Expansion – NCS was prime design firm for the 1,700 gpm nitrate plant expansion that included a new 3-vessel IX system, prefilters, site expansion, brine tanks, backwash and waste tanks, controls, pumping systems, and civil/site elements. The custom designed system featured upflow regeneration and air scour features.

Steel Tank Rehabilitation – For the past four years, NCS has provided design & CM services for several steel tank rehabilitation projects. These projects involved the recoating and structural rehabilitation of the Northside, Rancho Santa Fe, and Coldwater tanks. Piping, valve, safety, and site improvements were also included. The Northside project was a fast track project where NCS completed the design in 30 days.

Coldwater Chlorination Facilities – A new chlorine on-site generation system was designed to meet the chlorination needs for all the wells at one location, as well as providing chlorination for the potential nitrate treatment facility at the site. The combined well flow varies based on seasonal system demands, combination of wells in operation, etc. The project includes a new prefabricated concrete building, 200 lbs/day Microclor unit, two metering pump skids, new PLC and HMI, brine maker, chlorine solution tank, flow metering vault, yard piping, HVAC and structural components.

Town of Superior – WWTP Preliminary Engineering Report


The 0.5 MGD plant employs activated sludge with biological nutrient removal and tertiary filtration. NCS initially performed a condition assessment of the facility. The plant needed repairs, rehabilitation, and upgrades to prevent failure and improve safety. Further, there was no redundancy with the previous configuration. The PER included recommendations to rehabilitate the plant and create a redundant system that can be used in the event of a needed shutdown for maintenance while retaining its existing treatment level. Other upgrades needed were for the headworks and influent channel, influent pump station, electrical building, motor control center, and blowers. NCS also provided final design services and CM of the facilities.


City of Scottsdale – Water/WW Program Evaluations & Instrumentation Design

Site 71 Well & Water Booster Pump Stations (WBPS) – NCS/Delta provided electrical design of the power distribution system, pump controls, and remote telemetry unit (RTU) cabinet, as well as construction phase services.

Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Analysis (Phase I & II) – NCS/Delta provided an arc flash hazard analysis on 143 site electrical systems for the City. Our team used NFPA 70E guidelines and began by reviewing available documentation and performing onside validation of the electrical systems. Data collected was modeled in ETAP electrical software, and the results of the software analysis were used to generate reports for each of the sites. DeltaSE generated and installed arc flash labeling on the electrical gear identifying the available fault currents, protection boundaries, and recommended level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) an individual should wear when working on the system.

Zone 2 Water System Improvements & Design – NCS/Delta performed a site investigation to evaluate existing site power and control systems at Booster Pump Station 124 and Pressure Reducing Valve 145. It was decided to demolish the aging existing Pump Station 124 and replace it, which required a 2000A, 480V 3-phase service, an 800kW standby generator, three 400HP VFD-controlled booster pumps, and a new Bristol Babcock ControlWave Micro RTU. In addition, Booster Pump Station 37 required the demolition of the existing electrical service, replaced by a 100A, 240V single phase service, and a new Bristol Babcock ControlWave Micro RTU. The designs included the new site power distribution system, power plan, basic schematic design for RTU cabinets, and connection diagrams for new instruments.

Sites 36-3 & 36-5 Booster Station Construction Services – NCS/Delta performed submittal review of the electrical and instrument packages for both stations, conducted electrical inspections, responded to RFI and prepared record drawings.

Global Water Resources – OnCall Services

Palo Verde WWTP Expansion serving the Town of Maricopa – NCS provided preliminary design, final design and APP and Reuse permitting services for the 5 MGD expansion of this facility. The innovative treatment concept uses an integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) process, along with anoxic and aeration tanks, and clarifiers. The new process replaced the existing sequential batch reactors.

Smith Enke Road Lift Station, Force Main, & Gravity Inlet Sewers – This design project includes a new “Pod” type manufactured sewage lift station with prefabricated steel wet wells, 14 and 24-inch force main tie-ins to mains on Smith Enke Road, and a 24-inch inlet sewer to divert flows to various pods. NCS also performed permitting activities with ADEQ, the Town of Maricopa, and the Army Corps of Engineers (section 404) for the gravity inlet.

Jack & Bore Pipeline Crossings – This project involved approximately 150′ of 20″ water line crossing across the busy Smith-Enke Road and included surveying, geotechnical and design of jacking and receiving pits and the pipeline and sleeve.

Electrical Upgrade for Eagletail & Sunshine Sites – NCS/Delta designed full electrical upgrades for these well, tank, and booster station sites. This included new main services, switchgear, service panels, controls, and new wiring throughout.

White & Parker Roads Pipelines – This project involved the design of three 16-inch parallel pipelines for water, sewer and reclaimed water services, approximately one mile each. NCS also performed utility and ROW research, and designed three jack and bore crossings across the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.