Services We Provide

NCS has the advantage of being able to provide a diverse array of water and wastewater engineering needs to our customers. We offer drinking water, water quality research, construction administration, permitting, wastewater and reclaimed water services tailored to each individual client’s needs. Additionally, NCS has expanded its services by offering management, grant administration, governmental liaison, and administrative support functions.

NCS understands how critical it is to be able to trust the safety of our drinking water. We are committed to ensuring the quality of drinking water meets the standards we would be comfortable in providing our own families. There is no room for error in any of the work we take on, and drinking water quality can have a large impact on the whole community. We are stringent in our processes, ensuring that exacting Quality Control and Quality Assurance protocols are followed thoroughly. After all, it’s our family too.

We provide drinking water services for both ground and surface water sources.

  • Water Treatment Feasibility Evaluations.
  • Water Quality Assessments.
  • Source Water Assessments.
  • Bench Scale and Pilot Studies.
  • Water System Planning.
    —Primary and secondary contaminants
  • Water Treatment Plant Design.
  • Experts in removal of Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, and Radionuclide.
  • Residuals handling, Treatment evaluation and Design.
  • Distribution System Water Quality Analysis.
  • Distribution system hydraulic modeling, including Extended Period Simulation calibrations
  • Sampling plans
  • Advanced treatment process evaluation and design
    —Low and high pressure membranes
    —Saline and seawater desalination with zero and near-zero discharge concentrate management
    —Reverse osmosis
    —UV disinfection
  • Advanced disinfection and oxidation processes
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control plans
  • Water Storage and Booster Pump Station.
  • Regulatory compliance and approvals
  • Bid Phase Services.
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Plant Startup and Operations Assistance.
Services_ResearchNCS has been privileged to have had an instrumental role in various water quality research projects through the Water Research Foundation (formerly the American Water Works Association (AWWA)) and the Water Reuse Foundation (WRF). Our knowledgeable staff of experts have partnered with universities and diverse learned minds in the industry to develop new technologies in water quality treatment to bring a new generation of water treatment to the forefront in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

NCS continues to lead the way in invaluable water quality research efforts. NCS offers its clients value-added services in the area of research:

  • Prime contractor for major international research organizations
  • Microbial and distribution system studies
  • Treatment needs to meet future water quality goals
  • Technical report writing
Services-plansThe NCS team is able to provide all necessary services that are essential to complete a master planning or modeling project successfully:

  • Computer Programming Services – There are opportunities to save substantial cost by automating several mundane water model update/development/QC tasks. These tasks will be defined in conjunction with the client, and NCS’ automated tools will be used as-is or modified for the client’s system.
  • Field Data Collection Services (as needed) – NCS has field crew trained and ready to collect field data for calibration. If the client intends to do this job with in-house staff, NCS can provide appropriate guidance and training required to collect the data accurately.
  • Model Development, Update and Calibration of Water and Sewer Models – NCS will provide these services using our water system engineers and scientists. NCS will perform a quick review with prior field data to check if the steady state calibration is still valid and will provide recommendations based on the outcome of the steady state validation.
  • Water Quality Modeling – NCS could conduct water quality modeling for the client with our qualified scientists and engineers at the client’s request. This would include developing water quality scenarios for predicting TTHMs and chlorine at all locations in the system.
  • SCADA Integration – NCS engineers and scientists will support with modeling, programming and planning of SCADA integration with the client’s optimization program.
  • GIS Services – NCS offers full range of GIS services including development of data collection, data management, mapping services, spatial analysis, GIS programming and integration with other technologies.
  • Permitting (NPDES, Groundwater Protection).
  • Master Planning and Scheduling for emerging regulations.
  • Disinfection by-products, Radon, Groundwater Rule, and Filter Backwash Rule.
  • Cost impacts of regulatory compliance.
  • Contaminant Modeling and Treatment Process optimization.
  • Monitoring Program Design and Implementation Guidance.
  • Small System Regulatory Compliance Assistance.
  • Data recording spreadsheet training and staff training.
  • QA/QC programs and internal/external data collection, transfer and reporting.
  • Tracer Studies and CT Evaluations.
Water is a precious, and often limited resource. It is crucial that we harness recycled and reusable sources as much as we can to positively impact the environment and reduce costs. NCS has assisted several utilities with innovative and cost-effective methods to manage wastewater and reclaimed water. The objectives of these projects include maximizing use and revenues from reclaimed water resources. We provide the following services:

  • Integrated water resource planning and management
  • Reclaimed water quality evaluations
  • Advanced treatment process evaluation and design water reuse and reclamation from secondary and tertiary wastewater effluents
  • Lift station design
Service-cons-menNCS is a leader in providing construction management services to meet our clients’ needs. The services are customized and could include full management services, inspections and startup. Our approach is to partner with the contractor and client to ensure a successful project.

  • Constructability reviews
  • Submittal reviews
  • Construction contract administration
  • Resident engineering
  • Construction observation
  • Project closeout
Services-time-and-moneyNCS is proud to offer services in the areas of:

  • Grant and loan administration (prepare applications and monitor grant and loan availability from various public entities relative to water, wastewater and public building construction).
  • Full line of financial advisory services
    pertaining to bond capacities, issuances and funding strategies.
  • Serve as the liaison for the client with the various federal, state and local governmental entities and officials, as well as federal and state legislators pertaining to legislative appropriations in order to secure funding for governmental entities.
  • Wide range of administrative support functions

NCS understands the critical environmental issues and complex regulatory requirements related to stormwater and other discharges. Our knowledge and experience is instrumental in helping water and wastewater utilities and municipal agencies deal with these issues and regulations.

NCS provides the following stormwater related services

  • Stormwater Permitting and SWPPP development, including:
    — Multi-sector general stormwater permits with state and federal agencies.
    — Multi-source NPDES permits for non- treatment discharges (point and non- point source).
    — Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitting.
  • Stormwater Program BMP development and review.
  • Mapping of drainage basins.
  • Storm drain optimization studies and Master Planning.
  • Water quality assessments, field inspections, and flow monitoring.
  • Design and construction oversight of flow monitoring stations.
  • Design of stormwater pumping stations, retention basis, conveyance facilities, catch basins, and dry wells.
  • Preparing estimates of total pollutant loads and characterizing discharges.
  • Assessing impacts of non-treatment discharges and developing management strategies.
  • Stormwater compliance report preparation.
  • Coordinating, and representing utilities in meetings and hearings with state and federal agencies.